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Rectangular wooden and see-through plastic award plaque to Andriy Nahachewsky from the Alberta Ukrainian Dance Association in 1994. The award features a dancing couple in the Ukrainian national costume.

Black and white rectangular plastic award plaque. The text on the rectangular vertical plate reads "Hetman Award presented to Andriy Nahachewsky for outstanding contribution and dedicated service in promoting Ukrainian heritage and culture in Alberta…

Decorative salt and pepper shakers in the shape of a large, sitting mouse adorned with Ukrainian embroidery pattern decals located on the ears, tie, and trimming of the clothing.

The decorative spoon holder has been adorned with Ukrainian embroidery pattern decals. The center of the spoon has been inscribed with "Canada's National Ukrainian Festival Dauphin, Manitoba". The decal on the back is from "Dianna May Clay"

Rectangular plastic table placemat with a red and black embroidery sticker. There is a circle in the middle and two stripes on both short edges. This placemat was utilized in Andriy Nahachewsky's mother's home in the 1970s.

Black souvenir T-shirt with a large printed letter "Ж" within a rounded box centred in the middle of the chest. The text under the letter reads: ''CANADA GAMES''. Size: XL. Manufactured by TOPS, Canada.
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