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Embroidered Doily

UF201345a165 copy.jpg
Small square doily on white linen. Embroidered geometric pattern around the edges with blanket stitch finishing off the edges. Colours: black; red; light green; dark blue; orange. This piece is very worn on one edge.

Embroidered Doily

UF201345a164 copy.jpg
Rectangular embroidered doily. White field with red and black cross stitched pattern in each corner and intersecting embroidered stripes in the middle of the piece.

Woven Tablecloth

UF201345a159 copy.jpg
Small, square woven wool tablecloth. Blue field with alternating wide and narrow strips. Wide strip is predominantly white diamond motifs bordered by the same red and green pattern of the narrow strips. Blue fringes on all four sides.

Lock of Hair

UF201345a176 copy.jpg
Hair from Roman Onufrijchuk's first hair cut

Hair Comb

UF201345a174 copy.jpg
Brown rat tail comb.

Baby Sweater

UF201345a169 copy.jpg
Blue and pink knit baby sweater. Roman Onufrijchuk's first sweater worn home from the hospital June 1950. Worn with bonnet UF2013.45.a171 and Booties UF2013.45.a172

Table Napkin

UF201345a168 copy.jpg
White linen table napkin. Finished with a small boarder on two edges. Floral pattern woven into the fabric. The initials "W P" are embroidered in one corner. The napkin is very worn and stained.

Table Napkin

UF201345a167 copy.jpg
White linen table napkin. Finished with a 1 inch boarder. Floral pattern woven into the fabric.

Embroidered Curtain

UF201345a166 copy.jpg
Only one of an pair. White cotton embroidered curtain with pleated bottom edge. Embroidery is in red cross stitch (khrestyky)