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A pillowcase embroidered down the middle, and more narrowly down the sides, with large diamond patterns with black crosses, predominantly red, with some green and yellow. Embroidery stitch: cross stitch.

A white embroidered pillowcase in cross stitch. Broad stripes alternating with repeating narrow stripes of burgundy patterns with yellow and blue accents, all with black perimeters. The geometric motif consists of a large number of small diamonds and…

Medium-sized pillowcase is machine-woven with a broad central geometric and floral-like design, repeated on the sides, with intervening ladder-like stripes in between, all in dark orange and black colours.

Small rectangular pillowcase entirely embroidered on the diagonal with designs of green diamonds on a gold background, alternating with black helix strands. The background of the embroidery is white. The back side is an orange wool unembroidered…

A small silk pillowcase embroidered with traditional satin stitch and one organic floral centred design in scarlet and darker red colours with black accents and edging. There is a hole for pillow inserts along the bottom edge.

A rectangular olive green cotton pillowcase. It is embroidered with two vertical vines of flowers in white, black and brown colours. Fasten on a zipper in the middle of the backside. Embroidery stitch: cross stitch.

A contemporary, probably Canadian, small-sized hand-woven pillowcase. It is woven in mustard, olive green and brown coloured geometric designs in five rows that alternate. The central row is predominantly mustard colour and the widest. The back side…

Medium-sized pillowcase embroidered on the entire front side. Geometrical motifs are diamonds and ladders designs typical of the Hutsul region. The pattern is symmetrical and consistent. The widest row down the centre is embroidered in black, red,…

Large pillowcase embroidered in cross stitch in a wide swath, as is typical, with predominantly burgundy but also green, orange and antler-like black design alternating with green, yellow, and orange consecutive stripes along the perimeters.

Large Kosmach (Hutsul) style pillowcase embroidered in cross stitch in a wide swath, as is typical, with variations of orange, taupe and brown shades and black and green accents, and orange antler-like design alternating with green, yellow, and…
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